“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Lead Bhumi is a platform that identifies potential leaders, nurtures leadership to make volunteering a habit which in turn makes the youth more socially conscious and take a step to create a change.

Lead Bhumi Process

Our leadership platform provides opportunity to more than 300 leaders to motivate and inspire 10,000 plus volunteers across various programmes viz. Ignite (Educational Initiatives), Catalyse (Civic Initiatives) and REFRESH (Recruitment & Event Management) Lead Bhumi nurtures leadership potential of our young, ignited volunteers enabling them to drive the vision and goal of Bhumi.





Application Form

Volunteers design their application to exhibit 
Leadership Orientation & Panel Discussion
Applicants convince us that they have it in them to bring a change through a thorough interview
Program Specific Responsibility (PSR)
Applicants show us their capability to lead by conducting on ground activities
Final Review & Selection

Applicants journey is reviewed and selection for lead bhumi is communicated

Detailed Flowchart of the process

Eligibility & Expectations

If you are a Bhumi volunteer who has completed orientation and are ready to empower more volunteers around you, apply now!

General expectations from all Lead Bhumi Coordinators:

  • Be ready to commit a minimum of 10 hrs per week for volunteering (can be a mix of online and offline)
  • Passionate about volunteerism and is strongly connected to organisation’s vision, goals and value
  • Your actions impact the beneficiaries directly. Empathetic in building relationship with all stakeholders – beneficiaries, volunteers, donors, partner organisations and the commmunity
  • Engage with all Bhumians as a single team whether it is the national team, fellow coordinators or the volunteers whom your coordinate
  • Maintain appropriate documentation as prescribed and report timely, periodically
  • Communicate with empathy, respond to emails and all other communications promptly
  • Have regular meetings, conference calls, seek regular feedback to ensure continuous improvement
  • Reach out and resolve volunteer queries / issues in a timely manner and escalate promptly if support is required
  • Inspire fellow volunteers by your pro-activeness, commitment and perseverance
  • Identify, appreciate and nurture further leadership
  • Proactive in taking ownership over the organisation, roles and responsibilities taken

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible for the smooth functioning of the project

  • Ensure achievement of project outcomes and maximize impact
  • Provide direction and assistance to project’s support teams like Operations, HR etc.
  • Visit centres / project activities regularly and monitor progress
  • Constantly meet, report and maintain relations with teams / partner organizations (incl. centres)
  • Sustain current operations, and pursue opportunities for growth and expansion

Subject (Ignite/Catalyse) matter expert for delivering the best project outcomes

  • Implement the appropriate content identified by the national team
  • Facilitate training and assessments in a timely manner.
  • Monitor and support in effective delivery of the content across the project
  • Engage volunteers in regular preparation and continuous improvement of the content and syllabus
  • Visit centres / project activities regularly and incorporate feedback in the content and syllabus
  • Periodically update Project Coordinator and National Teams on the progress and challenges

Responsible for operational effectiveness and efficiency

  • Plan the overall logistics and resource requirement for executing the project
  • Coordinate with other coordinators to identify appropriate resources
  • Maintaining and keeping track of centre database, children database and attendance
  • Identify and engage vendors, negotiate best pricing
  • Ensure optimum utilization / minimal wastage of resources
  • Track availability / utilization, maintain quality; and troubleshoot in case of damage
  • Ensure proper and timely submission of bills and vouchers

Responsible for internal and external promotion and communication



  • Presenting Bhumi to organisations to create sustainable partnerships
  • Connect with teams (college student bodies, company CSR) for volunteering and identification of campus catalysts
  • Plan and execute appropriate social strategy (promotion and communication) to ensure maximum reach of organisation, programmes, and events
  • Effectively use available communication platforms like Workplace, Blog, Whatsapp, and Facebook to share information
  • Ensure adherence of social media and communication policy

Responsible for volunteer management

  • Orient new volunteers and facilitate their induction into the project including centre / activity mapping
  • Track and maintain volunteer attendance within the project and participation in all Bhumi activities
  • Frequently interact and resolve volunteer issues proactively
  • Constantly engage volunteers in project as well as Bhumi level activities
  • Recognize and motivate volunteers periodically

Expert in executing the event in the best possible manner – REFRESH

  • Execute events in coordination with the national team
  • Monitor and support in effective conduct of the event in an unbiased manner
  • Engage volunteers in preparation and continuous improvement of the quality of events

Responsible for raising sufficient funds

  • Presenting Bhumi to organisations, facilitating contributions and creating partnerships
  • Coordinate the implementation of monthly ECS contributions – volunteers, companies, well-wishers
  • Encourage volunteers to fundraise for Bhumi and provide necessary support
  • Support in organizing fundraising events
  • Ensure proper accounting of donations and timely delivery of receipts to donors / sponsors
  • Maintain donor relations and constantly communicate about Bhumi happenings

Overall responsibility for the city or a programme within the city

  • Ensure achievement of project outcomes and maximize impact in the city
  • Responsible for ensuring
    • Sufficient volunteer recruitment (social media and other outreach, recruitment drives, orientations)
    • Proper conduct of all events (Ignite fest, Daan Utsav, Nakshatra etc.)
    • Sustainability (Fundraising and finance)
    • Corporate Relations (Joy to the World, etc.)
    • Leadership pipeline – Identifyingy and grooming leadership at all levels
    • Provide direction and assistance to project teams in the city
  • Visit centres / project activities regularly and monitor progress
  • Constantly meet, report and maintain relations with teams / partner organizations (incl. centres)
  • Sustain current operations, and pursue opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Ensure functioning of projects according to the organization’s processes and values
  • Troubleshoot / raise concerns at the right forum and time


design phase

Lead Bhumi applications are now open throughout the year. A volunteer can apply anytime in the year.

Click on the Apply Now once you go through all the important information mentioned on the website.

You can reach out to your city team or register for subsequent orientation based on the slot provided. While you can carry on with the remaining phases, unless you complete the leadership orientation, your application will not be considered for final review

You will receive an invite from Zoho on your registered email id. Please accept the invite to log in to Lead Bhumi portal. All information about the process will be available only on this portal. If you have not received this invite please check Spam / Promotions tab or email [email protected]

discuss phase

Bhumi orientation is for those who are interested in volunteering with Bhumi, whereas Leadership orientation is for Bhumi volunteers who are interested in leading Bhumi.

An orientation may not be scheduled yet in your city. Reach out to your city team if you are unable to see a slot for registration. If you do not have the details of your city team, please share a request through Lead Bhumi Helpdesk.

You can register for subsequent orientation based on the slot provided. You can go to the next step only after completing leadership orientation

It is not mandatory to complete Panel discussion on the day of leadership orientation. However, your application will not reach the final stage unless panel discussion is completed.

Your current lead bhumi coordinators and city teams will conduct Panel discussion.

Develop Phase

PSR is Programme Specific Responsibility is a leadership grooming process that helps the applicants to understand what it means to lead in Bhumi. It should be aligned to the programme and/or role you have applied for. PSR is a great way to understand the impact, various milestones, events, activities and important tasks in your programme / project. It helps both the project team and the applicant to take an informed decision

An applicant can decide if they want to complete the responsibility by forming a team or individually. Reach out to your city team for more information on this. If you do not have the details of your city team, please share a request through Lead Bhumi Helpdesk.

Each PSR category will have a Point of Contact from ELDP coordinators, mostly the Chapter Support Team representative. You can find that out in the list of PSR available in guidelines when you login to the app. Your PSR is approved by the respective point of contact. You can get in touch with the point of contact or your city team directly for queries or raise them through Lead Bhumi Helpdesk

Check your email for clarifications. Reach out to your city team if you have any queries and share a fresh PSR request again.

Yes. Your PSR will be considered complete only if report as per the guideliens is updated in Lead Bhumi Portal. Please ensure you note the number of PSRs you need to complete based on the programme you have applied for. If you have completed the PSR activity / event and not updated the report, your application will be on hold till further clarification is provided

If you are a volunteer and have coordinated activities / events within 6 months from the date of application, you can raise PSR approval request and directly update the PSR report on its approval. You do not have to conduct the activity / event.

If you are a past Lead Bhumi coordinator you will have an option of updating your contribution in the application form itself. You need not conduct the activity / event again

final review

Panel discussion is the first round of discussion with your current lead bhumi coordinators in your city. Whereas during Final Review, the national team will review your application form, panel discussion feedback, PSR report/s and supporting documents if any to confirm your selection.

National team of your project will be completing the final review of your application and lead bhumi process.

No. Selection of an applicant is done by National team based on the feedback given by city teams. Lead Bhumi support team will review the selection and share the results.

You can view the selected coordinators on www.lead.bhumiverse.org/leadership-team

You need not apply again. Please share your reasons for re-applying by sending an email to [email protected]. The Lead Bhumi team will share next steps after taking a feedback from your city and national team

If you are a past lead bhumi coordinator, you will have the option of sharing your contribution in the application form itself. The city and the national teams will review your application form connect with you for a Final review directly.

If you are currently an active lead bhumi coordinator, you need not fill up the registration form again. You can just reach out to you CST / NST directly

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